by Mario Herzog


Hi, my name is Mario Herzog and I´m 28 years old. As a young kid, I already loved to visit motorsport events as often as I could. Fortunatly to my parents work, I was able to get a real special  and comprehensive insight into the races back than.
After my parents stopped motorsport photography, I still enjoyed going to races, which made me want to be able to drive for myself more and more!
So I was very happy when the first virtual racing games were available for purchase. My interest in these topics grew even more, I could also make friends over this, which even led to the fact that we now have our own virtual racing team: Herzog Motorsport.


Back in the late 1980´s my father started to film racing events for media productions. After a few years, he changed to motorsport photography. 

Herzog Sportfoto was born.

In 1990 my mother joined Herzog Sportfoto. They worked as media photographers on Formula 1, DTM and other events like the 24 hours of Le Mans for sponsors, teams and motorsport magazines.

If you want to find out more about the former days, check out the archive.